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Whizzy Washer

Whizzy Washer

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Mini Washing Machine for van life, camping and 4Wdriving

Now includes 12v Cable

 Keep your clothes fresh on the road. Our mini washing machine enables you to stay off-grid and adventuring for longer. If you're living in your van or on long road trips we know how annoying it can be to find a laundrette taking away precious site seeing time!

  •  The collapsible design packs the Whizzy Washer down small taking up less space
  •  10L capacity - can wash 6 undies, 4 pairs of socks, 3 tea towels, 4 baby grows, two pillowcases
  •  Two washing cycles - 5 min and 10min
  •  Rinse cycle
  • Drainer plug to easily remove water
  •  Low power - Less than 1amp per 10-minute wash - your battery will barely notice it's even on.
  • Length 29cm, Width 29cm, Height 13cm. When fully open height 29.5cm
  • Power 12v cigarette lighter cable, 3m long. And 240v 36W  (2Amps) 
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Some FAQ's

🫧 Does the Whizzy Washer really get my clothes clean?

Yes, the short cycles mimic a hand wash and by using a laundry detergent the wash will leave your clothes clean and smelling nice.

🫧 Is the Whizzy Washer easy to use?

Yes! The Whizzy Washer is designed to be simple and easy to use. All you need to do is add water, then your laundry and turn it on. In no time you’ll have clean clothes! We recommend reading all the instructions before setting up and washing.

🫧 How much water does it need for one wash?

We recommend 6 litres maximum for an optimum wash.

🫧 What cleaning products can I use in the machine?

We recommend using laundry liquid in the machine for the best wash. If you are using laundry power we recommend filling the machine with hot water to help dissolve the powder.